OpenThesaurus German


This plugin extends Apple‘s Dictionary application ( with a German thesaurus.

  1. You can search for every synonym not just the primary word.

  2. You can search for parts of a hyphen delimited term or a word which is not located at the beginning of a term (as Dictionary normally does).

  3. You don‘t need an internet connection, because the dictionary is included in the plugin.

The dictionary content is based on the online dictionary by Daniel Naber.


The installation is very easy. Just download the disk image and double-click the installer. After launching you have to enable  Thesaurus Deutsch in the preferences.


You can uninstall the plugin by deleting OpenThesaurus Deutsch.dictionary from


OpenThesaurus German

v2015.10.08 — 24 MB — OS X 10.6-10.10

This dictionary plugin is licensed under GPLv3

The source dictionary from OpenThesaurus is licensed under CC-GNU LGPL

OpenThesaurus German is only available for OS X 10.6.x and higher (why?).